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CD Copy Protection

In-house CD copy protection - we can duplicate your data onto copy protected CDs - call us on 01276 450 220 for more details!

Why Use Copy Protection Solutions?

Digital information can be easily compromised. Low cost discs and recording software, broadband transmission and the internet all contribute to the problem.

In the 2004 Business Software Alliance Privacy Report it was found that the loss to software publishers from unauthorised copying in 2003 totalled almost $29 billion. Worldwide, almost 40% of application software was acquired from illegal copies.

Samurai Guard II


CD-R Copy Guard Samurai Guard II

Samurai Guard II protects with "The Three Shields"

  • Encryption
  • Hide File Function
  • 16-digit Password

Compatible file formats include:
MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, JPEG, HTML, XML, JS, GIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP, WMV, MPG, RAM, MP3, XVD, PDF, RTF, TXT, PSD, Adobe Illustrator, Flash, Filemaker, CHM, EXE and more.

Principal Features:

  • Prevents copying data files to other CD-Rs.
  • Prevents copying data files to PC hard drives.
  • Prevents printing of data/documents.
  • Controls reading or accessing data by time, # of days, or # of program executions.
  • You can specify the computer(s) on which files can be read/accessed.
    (This prevents content form being viewed when CD-Rs are removed from the workplace.)
  • Password can be set for access to the volume or for individual files within the volume.
  • Files can be hidden such that when viewed through Explorer, the content of a CD-R appears blank or empty.
  • Supported languages currently include English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • The system works with standard CD-Rs - no special, expensive media required.

Samurai Guard IIx is the only solution to meet the ever-growing demands for copy-protected content, including corporate confidential data, personal information, technical manuals, design specifications, e-learning content, demonstration software and more.

Following are case studies from early adopters that demonstrate how Samura Guard II copyprotection can protect against unauthorized use and abuse of confidentail data and materials.

  • Many manufacturers who have factories outside Japan had been having serious problems with the leaking of confidential technical data and information from the workplace through local employees who duplicated and disseminated the data. Now, by using Samurai Guard, they have eliminated all security leaks. Sensitive data is now sent to the foreign factories by encrypted CDs produced by Samurai Guard. Now all Japanese automobile, parts and electronics manufacturers are sending confidential information CDs to their foreign factories.
  • When manufacturers send confidential information to their dealers and resellers with CDs, the data is leaked to their competitors. Pictures, tech manuals, etc., of new products fall into the hands of competitors. Using Samurai Guard, their confidential information and market advantage are protected.
  • Chemical companies and pharmaceutical companies invest years in developing new drugs and chemical formulas. Test data created during the lengthy research processes by employees working for these companies are too often compromised. Now, many Japanese chemical and pharmaceutical companies are encrypting the data with Samurai Guard.
  • Leading Japanese semiconductor manufacturing machine companies have been sending many manuals with non-encrypted CD-Rs to their foreign customers for many years. The foreign customers easily copied the data and then built the same machines domestically. Now, these Japanese companies are sending encryped CDs using Samurai Guard II.
  • A well-known Japanese medical company frequently conducts seminars throughout the world, but their confidential medical information has been leaked by some attendees. They can prevent the leaks with Samurai Guard. This doesn't make sense if the seminar is conducted in the spoken word with slide projections that can be copied with video cameras and tape recorders.
  • University doctors are making their CDs encrypted academic and medical conferences in order to prevent misuse and abuse of the data by some unscrupulous people.

Samurai Guard IIx is uses an innovative USB dongle-based pay-per-burn system to provide maximum flexibility and convenience for any user in any work environment.

Supported languages:

Supported Languages

PC specification requirements:
Processor: Intel Core2 DUO CPU/ RAM Memory: 1GB minimum requirements/Supported Operating OS: Windows XP,VISTA,7/Fixed Storage: 5GB 7200RPM Hard Drive /Port: USB2.0

For more information on CD copy protection please call us today on 01276 450 220

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