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Rimage Prism Automatic CD & DVD Printer

Rimage Prism Automatic CD & DVD Printer

  • Product Code: 4001214
Rimage Auto-Prism Automatic CD & DVD Printer

The Rimage Prism Automatic CD & DVD printer is a legend in the CD printer industry.

It's legendary Rimage 300 disc capacity loader married to the fastest and most reliable CD/DVD printer ever made - the Prism.

It's monocolour only but can print 3-4 discs per minute for outstandingly fast production. All our Audio and Talking Book clients use this model and its proven to be incredibly reliable. The Prism 3 uses Rimage branded ribbons only to ensure only the finest quality product.

Just connect to your Windows XP/7 PC or Apple Mac via USB and start printing directly from your Graphics application or the freely licensed 'CD Designer' program supplied. 

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