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Automatic CD Publishers

Automatic CD Publishers enable you to print unique content and label on every disc produced. 

Rimage 8200N CD & DVD Publisher

Rimage 8200N CD & DVD Publisher is the top of the range, highest output Publisher we market. The..

Rimage 7200N CD & DVD Publisher

Rimage 7200N CD DVD PublisherRimage 7200N CD DVD Publisher - great value package with 2 drives ideal..

Rimage 6200N CD & DVD Publisher

Rimage 6200N CD & DVD PublisherRimage 6200N CD & DVD Publisher - our entry level in the Prod..

Rimage 3410 CD & DVD Publisher

Rimage 3410 CD & DVD PublisherRimage 3410 CD & DVD Publisher from Magellan World is our best..

Rimage 5410N CD & DVD Publisher

 Rimage 5410N CD & DVD PublisherRimage 5410N CD & DVD Publisher is our most popular CD/..

Rimage Allegro 20 CD/DVD Publisher

Rimage Allegro 20 CD/DVD Publisher is the new desktop duplicator for small office and occasional use..

Rimage Allegro 100 CD/DVD Publisher

Rimage Allegro 100 CD/DVD Publisher has been designed with medical systems integration at the forefr..

Rimage 2000i CD & DVD Publisher

Rimage 2000i Rimage 2000i CD & DVD Publishers are our desktop level entry level CD/DVD publ..

Microboards G4P CD & DVD Publisher

Our entry level CD/DVD Publishing machine with single drive and embedded inkjet printer. Just connec..

Microboards Blu-Ray G4 CD & DVD Publisher

This is our Blu-ray variant of the G4 with the capability to archive data or high resolution video c..

Microboards MX1 CD & DVD Publisher

As per the G4P CD/DVD Publisher but with an increased capacity of 100 discs. Both machines have an e..

Microboards MX2 CD & DVD Publisher

This is the two drive version of the MX1. Embedded inkjet printer and easy hook up to Windows PC via..

Microboards MX2 Bluray Publisher

The Microboards MX2 has TWO Bluray drives for powerful production of your archive data or high resol..

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