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Rimage Windows 7 Upgrade

Rimage Windows 7 Upgrade

  • Product Code: RIM-WIN7-UPG

If you have a Rimage CD/DVD Publisher with a Windows XP Pro based operating system - now is the time to upgrade to Windows 7. If you are a corporate client it's probably on your IT Helpdesks hit list for urgent attention. This is because Microsoft have withdrawn support as of April 2012 which means there are potential security issues to the  Rimage CD/DVD Publisher and your local area network. For more details see the link below:


Whilst we will endeavour to help all our XP clients we can't guarantee that malicious software won't attack and leave your Business vulnerable. Also many new applications and features are only supported by Windows 7.

Call us now to evaluate if your system is eligible as some older machines may need additional hardware grades or in extreme cases complete system replacement.

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